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    1060, rue André-Liné
    Granby, Quebec


    The strength of a company comes directly from the quality of its team! At B4U Logistics, we rely on competent, experienced, and proactive people to offer services that meet your needs and expectations.


    Sébastien Brodeur

    For more than 25 years, Sebastien has been the owner of a well-known carrier. His negotiating and managing abilities put to the benefit of our clients bring great advantages. In addition, his vast contact network allows him to consolidate solid and profitable business relationships.


    Geneviève Girard

    Since 2016, Genevieve has been working in the field of brokerage and logistics coordination. Adding 20 years of services in administration, technical support, customer service, recovery, and customer loyalty, she is the perfect support for logistics coordination operations. Working in collaboration with Genevieve means being able to free yourself from any mental load in addition to ensuring courteous and optimal customer service.

    Alain Ménard

    No one is better trained than Alain when it comes to logistics! Having made a whole career in the transportation industry, he worked as a driver, among other things, which allowed him to travel the roads across America, before taking on numerous dispatch and sales positions. Alain will be able to respond effectively to your requests and will always be happy to assist you.


    Ghislain Patry

    Ghislain has been working in the transportation field since 1998. With a training in logistics, he developed expertise and acquired various knowledge that are great assets for our customers. Since the beginning of his career, he has been a manager for several transport companies. His skills and thoroughness make him the best ally for our clients.